Empty Design

What’s to come next after minimalism?

Have you ever thought what will be next after Minimalism? The concept of ‘empty design’ is well applied in the Muji products. 

Consider the theory of “emptiness” in design.

The theory of emptiness is very simple to understand. Try to image two different kitchen knives in your mind; one – a modern knife with FRN (Plastic) handle which we normally have at our homes, which is ergonomically designed to fit your hand, and a knife made of simple wooden rod. The later does not instruct you where to hold it, so you can hold it in any way you wish.

When an object is empty, it is ready to receive any image or use.- Kenya Hara

Muji is established in 1979, It is commonly referred to as a “brandless” company, as the products doesn’t have a logo. Its simple aesthetic allows its products to fit into all kinds of homes and lifestyles – one of the reasons the brand has become hugely popular in recent years.

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